B.E.A.S.T. Training Sessions
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CrossFit, at it’s core, is about good movement and intensity. This means using your body the way it was designed to move in nature. We do not use machines for the simple fact that their are few machines out there in the real world. Instead, there are challenges and obstacles that require skill, mobility and strength (among other things). As a coach, my job is to help you workout safely and with intensity. This means teaching the mechanics, helping you develop consistency, and then allowing you to build intensity by performing these movements at speed or with resistance. Mastering the basics may not sound like fun, but the truth is that you CAN’T GET REALLY INTENSE WITHOUT GOOD TECHNIQUE. A little technique will go a long way to developing a safe long-term practice.

Anyone can write a workout, but a good coach can walk you through the nuts and bolts, answering your questions, and applying coaching that is tailored to YOUR body and it’s movement.

Here’s how to start…

Six Sessions:  B.E.A.S T.
Because training requires new skills and a basic understanding of movement, we’ve developed a series of classes geared to introduce you to functional movements.

By combining these movements together and in different sequences you will have a solid foundation to build your CrossFit practice on. We confirm this by using the last half of your class as a CrossFit WOD (“Workout of the Day”).

The B.E.A.S.T SERIES is a scheduled event and costs $125

After you finish you can sign up for regular training
This allows you to attend any classes on the schedule. you are the voice I will try to cater to. There are no annual contracts to deal with, so if your life changes you maintain your flexibility.

When you join as a member, you will pay the following rate for as long as you are able to train with us. If you choose to cancel or suspend your membership, you will lose your original rate and will be charged the current rate from that point forward.

Monthly Membership - $155
LEO/MIL/FIRE (Active) - $100
Punch Card ( redeemable within 2 months of purchase )

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