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CrossFit For Cops

by John Wills
Are you willing to spend 20 minutes, 3 days per week to get in shape?

Other than firearms expertise and tactics, there is no other component of law enforcement preparedness that will aid in your success and survival on the street like being fit. We all have our own ideas about what workout regimens are most appropriate for the job we do. As a huge proponent of fitness for cops, I've lived it, taught it, and been rewarded for being in shape by surviving a shooting. The doctor told me directly that had it not been for my fitness, I would have died. I don't need convincing; maybe you know someone who does.
I recently sat down with Adam Edison, who owns RARE CrossFit in Fredericksburg, VA. We discussed how CrossFit (CF) training fits into a police officer's toolbox of practices that will help keep him alive. We both agreed that it's imperative for an officer to be fit. Being in shape transcends every aspect of being a cop; it breeds confidence, which translates into quick, decisive, authoritative action that can mean the difference between life and death. Moreover, if we are going to take the time to work out, shouldn't we spend that time productively? Shouldn't our workouts mirror the tasks that we perform in the course of our duties? The answer to both questions is yes, and CF seems tailor made for us.
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The Myths of the Squat and Bench Press.

The Myths of the Squat and Bench Press.
By Rob Wagner

In your daily coaching pursuits, you have probably had some skeptic approach you with concerns about the lifts performed. It happens to me almost every time I speak at a clinic. I have put together some of the more common myths I have heard and try to dispel them using the available research.

The squat is probably one of the most maligned exercises. Dating back to the early sixties it had its critics. Dr. Karl Klein (1961) from Texas had come out and stated that the squat caused a loosening of the knee ligaments and that this condition actually made this exercise a hazard. Other researchers have speculated over the hazards of the exercise. This type of research makes up a small percentage of the research on this exercise but still the negativism about the exercise still exists. Since the sixties numerous studies have been done on the squat and have shown it not to be dangerous when performed correctly. The problem with lifting is like anything else, when it's done properly you will be fine. When it's done improperly you're looking for trouble. Let examine some of the more common myths.

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Mastering the Weighted Pull-Up P2

From Zero to Hero
If you followed the procedures above and still cannot complete one pull-up with your body weight, do not despair. View your pull-up as you would your PR (personal record) for the dead lift. If you had a barbell loaded with too much weight that you could not lift off the floor, you’d simply keep removing plates until you lightened the load to the point where you can lift it. The same holds true with bodyweight pull-ups. We’re going to reduce the load by using pull-up assistance bands. These bands are thick and strong, 40” long, and come in widths of 21/2”, 13/4”, 1” and ½”. I highly recommend picking one of each width size.
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Mastering the Weighted Pull-Up

Mastering Weighted Pull Ups

Has your ability to effortlessly negotiate obstacles or perform pull-ups been hindered due to injury, lack of strength, gear requirements or an increase in your own gravitational pull?
Regardless of the cause, I would like to share time-efficient training strategies that will help you overcome gravity and master weighted pull-ups.
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The World’s Best Personal Security Does CrossFit

Traver H. Boehm
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How does the world’s number one private security firm ensure its protectors are constantly in the best physical shape? Simple - they have them do CrossFit.

Gavin de Becker & Associates has a client list that reads right out of the who’s who of the world – as a matter of fact, their client list is literally, the who’s who of the world. Having worked with the likes of the latest Oscar winner all the way to the next door neighbor who unfortunately has a stalker, Gavin de Becker’s Security Staff Agents (SSA’s) are as comfortable on the red carpet as they are silently standing incognito in the back of a PTA meeting.

Why have they chosen CrossFit as their main training modality? One of CrossFit’s main tenets is that it prepares you for the unknown and unknowable. Being versed in all manner of athletic movements leaves very little room for weaknesses in a CrossFit athlete’s arsenal.

When SSA’s are with clients in the field, they never know what they are going to encounter and have to be prepared for everything from deterring an actual assassination attempt to quickly changing a tire on a busy freeway, from performing CPR (a workaholic 65 year old CEO is far more likely to encounter a myocardial infarction than he/she is a sniper’s bullet) to helping load luggage.

One thing is for certain though, on any protective assignment or “detail” as they’re called, the unknowable and unplanned for is most likely going to happen. Mr. de Becker’s SSA’s are well versed in Mr. Murphy’s Law as they have all experienced it at work at one point or another.

Ed Hinman, Gavin de Becker’s Head of Recruitment, had this to say about why CrossFit is their chosen fitness regimen:

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Marne Division -Army CrossFit

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FORT STEWART, Ga. (Feb. 2, 2012) -- A two-day CrossFit level 1 certification course was offered to Third Infantry Division Soldiers at the Caro Fitness Center to learn the philosophy and the techniques of the CrossFit program and obtain certification as CrossFit Level 1 instructors
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Fighting Fitness -George Ryan

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