About ShieldFitness


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Shield Fitness is a training conduit for the development of police fitness using the CrossFit method. Our purpose is to provide you with information you will need to prepare your officers for their line of duty work. This includes pre-employment, academy training, street deployment, or tactical units. Our site is here for administrative needs, as well. We house necessary information for the implementation of CrossFit methods in the areas listed above. We also want to be a collection point for your lessons learned so that we develop stronger as a community resource for officer development.
Our programming has proven itself over the past 10 years and the training methodology continues to improve and grow. With affiliates and agencies worldwide, we have stepped into a gap and defined job readiness for public servants, and those interested in our line of work. Our program favors the operator.

Our programs are proven; they are road tested and supported by science. Our purpose is simple:

To provide the tools needed to achieve your desired vision.
To assist applicants with their training needs.
To provide a CrossFit driven direction for a variety of occupational needs.